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Partner Teknoloji Outbound Campaign Manager

Industry Leading Multi-Channel Campaign Management Solution

Key factor of your business is to keep in touch with your customers. Besides this fact, to address customer needs in real time, you need to have a reliable and flexible platform. The Solution we offer ensures the stability and effectiveness of your business campaigns.

Outbound Campaign Manager is multi-channel, robust, reliable and flexible platform. With our solution you can concurrently manage and run numerous campaigns to reach your customers over different channels such as

- Voice (PSTN, VoIP, GSM)
- Fax
- E-mail

Key Advantages & Benefits
  • Improves usage efficiency and effectiveness across all resources
  • Provides real-time reports, alerts and web-based user interfaces for operation of multiple campaigns.
  • Reduces operation costs and other expenses
  • Flexible and resizeable according to the needs of your business.
  • Easy to integrate and operate.
  • Rewarded by the Certificate of Avaya Compliance.